School Workshops and activities.
CPD sessions for Science Teachers

We have worked with education professionals from the start of the Edincell project, attending the course “Science Communication for Teacher Development” (National STEM Learning Centre UK) and Contemporary Science for Teachers Conference. This allowed us to start developing our resources for schools and CPD sessions for Science Teachers.

We have participated in the RAiSE (Raising Expectations in Science Education) project in collaboration with Ms Nikki Wright (Principal Teacher at St David’s RC Edinburgh). RAiSE is a programme of The Wood Foundation, Scottish Government, Education Scotland, and participating local authorities to empower primary teachers with the confidence, skills, and networks to develop and deliver motivating and exciting STEM opportunities (

All our activities and workshops are designed to fit with different areas of the Primary or Secondary Science Curriculum. Children are encouraged to formulate questions, identify problems and participate in experiments, thus developing problem-solving skills. Communication and team work are important for the process but we always try to leave room for individual initiative. Whenever possible we use art and crafts in combination with the scientific method to promote creativity in our activities.