Mitosis as an anti-cancer target

This activity will allow students to consider the different alternatives for drug treatments. They will learn about the most common anti-mitotic drugs, their targets inside the cell and their mechanisms of action. The fact sheets also provide information about the use of the drugs in the clinic, and the advantages and disadvantages that their use presents.

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Fruit fly genetics

Fruit flies have been used as a model system to study Genetics for more than a hundred years. In the lab we use dissection microscopes to observe Drosophila mutants, but if you do not have one you can use a USB microscope attached to a laptop to take a look at them.

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Sweet DNA

One of our most popular workshops introduces Primary School children to the wonders of DNA structure. Children learn about the genetic code and how Watson-Crick base pairs are required to build the double helix. With DNA structures made of liquorice laces, marshmallows and jelly babies…

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Our microscopy workshops allow school children to learn about the power of using different kinds of lenses and microscopes to discover the microscopic world.

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Make your own fruit Fly

This simple card game is a good way to illustrate the importance of meiosis in the generation of genetic diversity.

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