DNA structure for Primary School Children

One of our most popular workshops introduces Primary School children to the wonders of DNA structure. Children learn about the genetic code and how Watson-Crick base pairs are required to build the double helix. With DNA structures made of liquorice laces, marshmallows and jelly babies… the interest of the audience is guaranteed. Warning: some of these genes misteriously lose some base pairs in the process of building double helixes!!!


RAISE resource

(“Sweet DNA” is one of the workshops we are using in the CPD sessions for Primary School teachers. You can download the workshop handout here:

1.-  INTRODUCTION TO DNA. One of our scientists gives a brief presentation to the children. We start a dialogue trying to answer these question:

  •           WHAT IS DNA?
  •           WHERE DO WE FIND IT?
  •           WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE?

2.-  MAKE YOUR OWN DNA. Each child is given a bag with the materials needed to build a double helix out of sweeties: