SWEET DNA – Investigating DNA structure and function


One of our most popular workshops introduces Primary School children to the subject of inheritance by exploring DNA structure. Children learn that the DNA molecule is a double helix made out of four different components (-called “bases” A,T,C,G). These four letters are the “alphabet” of the genetic code. The bases have to glue together in specific pairs (A with T and C with G) for the DNA molecule to form the double helix.

With DNA structures made of liquorice laces, marshmallows and jelly babies… the interest of the audience is guaranteed!

This workshop is available as part of our CPD sessions for Primary Science Teachers. The Handout of the workshop including the links to the School curriculum can be downloaded HERE.


1 .- INTRODUCTION TO DNA (EdinCell staff)

We use a brief presentation to start a dialogue with the class. We are trying to answer these questions:

  •           WHAT IS DNA?
  •           WHERE DO WE FIND IT?
  •           WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE?

2 .- BUILD YOUR OWN DNA (all class)

Each children is given a bag containing all the components required to build a double helix step by step.